Summer Travel Tips from the Capsule Experts at Capsuline!

Oh sweet summertime…


…a chance to relax and enjoy your favorite activities.  Time to get outside, hit the beach, take up a sport, or travel.  Many of our customers use our capsules for daily vitamins, supplements, or medications for themselves or their loved ones and pets.  If you’re doing any traveling this summer, you may have questions about how to safely transport your products to ensure that they accompany you to your destination fully intact.

The number one concern during travel is of course – safety.  You want to make sure that your materials are safely transported without being ruined or compromised, and without causing any inconveniences or endangering others in any way.

Read below for some quick tips on how to travel with your Capsuline Capsules!



Tip 1: Divide & Conquer

If you are concerned that your materials may be released from your capsules be sure to keep them separate.  That is – bring your contents in their original container, and your capsules in their original packaging.  This will help to preserve both by making sure that the capsules do not split o


r spill any contents and also that your contents do not go to waste once dumped out into any baggage.  Don’t forget to bring your capsule filling tools as well, if you haven’t picked up your Accessories & Supplies, grab some today with 10% off!


Tip 2: Soft & Safe

If you have capsules already filled and packaged, you want to minimize any spillage or breakage these might suffer at the hands of any rough baggage handling.  Use soft cotton swabs to stuff your packaging until the capsules are cushioned and minimal movement can be heard within.  Apart from preserving your capsules and supplements, this will also muffle that embarrassing baby rattle noise you may produce when sprinting to your gate!

Important note: Although not always possible, keeping both your contents and capsules in their separate original packaging will also minimize the amount of scrutiny you may receive while passing through security.   If security can plainly see the official packaging with listed ingredients, as well as the contents, they are unlikely to question or confiscate your medicines or supplements.


Tip 3: So Fresh, So Clean

Capsules are made from either plant or animal product, you should make sure that you keep it in its required range of temperature and humidity to keep them fresh and intact.  Always consider the time of year – since it is summer the belly of an airplane can be very warm and humid.  If your capsules are not properly stored in an air-tight container they may begin to dissolve before you ever get to put them to good use.

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Tip 4: Travel Light

Traveling can be inconvenient as it is, it’s always the best practice to travel only with what you’ll need for your stay (and perhaps 1 or 2 emergency stay-extension items/articles.)  This holds true for your capsules, vitamins, or supplements.  If you don’t want to drag around a bulky bag of capsules and supplements, try to downsize and portion-prepare for only the time you will be traveling (plus 2 days.)  This will lighten your load and eliminate one item you’ll need to return with – which frees up space for your souvenir purchases!

Travel Pro Tip: TSA Pre-Check


If you want to expedite your travel experience, consider the Pre-Check program from the TSA.  This program allows low-risk individuals to pass through a separate security process that removes some of the extra-measure security steps.  With this program there is no need to remove your shoes, laptop, 3-1-1 liquids, belts, nor light jackets.  This program is available when flying within the US at over 160 airports with 16 different airlines.  Travel simply and safely this summer with the help of the TSA!

So when you’re traveling this summer, don’t forget your vitamins & supplements!  You can bring them wherever you need to go as long as you obey TSA guidelines and travel best practices such as these!  Bon Voyage!

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