Memorial Day at Capsuline

Here at Capsuline, we recognize Memorial Day as a day of remembrance,


honor, and appreciation.  We observe this important National Holiday by taking a day away from the hustle and bustle of our office in Pompano Beach, FL so that we can quietly reflect on the service and sacrifice of so many men and women in the American Military who have given everything to ensure our freedom.


Check out some quotes directly from the Capsuline Team, showing how we feel about this great U.S. Holiday!

“It is with heartfelt thanks that I welcome this and every Memorial Day. I celebrate those who so valiantly served or country. From the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific, from Afghanistan to Iraq and beyond, they are never forgotten.”

-Tiger S.
Chief Operating Officer

“To me, Memorial Day is a day to appreciate the heroes that fought and continue to fight to keep our freedom alive!”

-Rachel P.
Supply Chain Manager

“Memorial Day is not only a day to commemorate those who bravely given their lives to uphold our freedom; Memorial Day is a day to build upon their foundation and create the future that our soldiers wanted us to have.”

Operations Manager, TCCG

“Memorial Day is a day to celebrate remembrance of our fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom, and be thankful for having the strongest Military in the world keeping our home safe.”

-Kyle S.
Marketplace manager

“Memorial Day is an important holiday to me especially because I come from a Military family.  I know firsthand the sacrifices our soldiers and their families make in order to be a part of our great military, that keeps us safe.  Memorial Day is a time to appreciate the every-day sacrifices, but more importantly a day to appreciate and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country & countrymen.  I want to say thank you to those who have served, sacrificed, and those who continue to serve in the U.S. Military!”

-Amanda P.
Marketing Specialist

From all of us, we would like to say thank you to all of those who have served! We wish a Happy Memorial Day to all!

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