Happy Mother’s Day!

Amazing, Loving, Strong, Happy, Selfless, Grateful… What adjective best describes your mother or you as a mother? Here are Capsuline we think you’re all that and much more! That’s why we celebrate Mother’s Day and for this special occasion, we want to share some of our loyal Moms Awesomeness! Because all flowers deserve to bloom during Spring, here are their ideas:

Educational Games for Kids Using non GMO/Gluten free/ Kosher Certified Empty Capsules

You might be wondering how playing with Empty Gelatin Capsules can be fun and useful. Capsules are usually used to storage herbs, medicine and other liquid substances. But some of our customers are also using them to stimulate their children’s creativity and fine motor.

By purchasing our Colored Capsules for their fun and appealing aspect mothers do not only plan to make their own supplements, but they have come up with a series of exercises to stimulate their children’s intelligence. Here’s how:

Some of the exercises that you can make your child do using our Capsules:

What you need:

  • Colored Capsules / Flavored Capsules (Available in Bubblegum, Berry, Lime, Strawberry).
  1. Improve their Mathematical skills – Ask them to count a specific number of capsules
  2. Stimulate their thinking and learning – Ask them to identify each color and count how many of each color they have.
  3. Work their fine motor – Ask them to open each capsule, and place smaller ones inside bigger ones. (Size 0 inside our size 000 Capsules for example).
  4. Develop their spatial thinking – Ask them to fill as many capsules as they can inside different plastic cups sizes.
Didactic Time at Home

These exercises can be very interesting and a fun way to stimulate your child’s skills. This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce them to these small objects that they sometimes see but don’t understand that each of them may contain something different inside.  Therefor it is important to never place a capsule inside their mouths without the consent of an adult as they can store anything inside.

Flavored Capsules used to hide the painful tasting experience of medicine for kids

We’ve also witnessed a lot of Mother testimonials on how our Flavored capsules have made their life’s so much easier. That’s right. As much as we love liquid flavored medicine for kids, we sometimes don’t have the option for nice tasting medicine. Asking our children to swallow medicine can be tedious and as they grow, they overthink everything we are feeding them.

They can smell it and they have experience the soar taste so be ready for grumpy and sad faces. Wondering what’s our solution? Flavored and Colored Capsules! They’ve become a must-have for most moms.

It’s a practical and a smart move. No more tears and drama, the flavored capsules perfectly hide the unwanted taste of medicine and their color is fun and appealing for kids.

We all have to admit, Mothers do know how to put happy smiles in our faces and this is one of them. Start making your life a little easier!

To all Mothers reading this post today and the ones that have shared their stories, Happy Mother’s Day! You are amazing!

Choosing the Right Capsule Part 2 – Vegetarian

Vegetarian Capsules

Today, it’s quite common for people to lead a vegetarian lifestyle. To ensure inclusiveness for all individuals, vegetarian capsules are available for those who refrain from consuming meat or other animal products. Produced strictly from plant-derived ingredients, vegetarian capsules meet the needs of those who do not wish to consume animal products.

Continue reading “Choosing the Right Capsule Part 2 – Vegetarian”

The Capsule Quality Question: Understanding Certificates of Analysis, Data Sheets, and Religious Certifications

As consumers, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly where products are coming from or how exactly they are made. Many consumers are especially concerned about the quality of the ingredients and components that make up the items they consume, whether it’s their food, drinks, supplements, or medications. Many are savvy consumers who see warnings about the quality of off the shelf vitamins and supplements and turn to encapsulating to be certain that they know exactly what they are consuming.

Regardless of the reasons, understanding the common certifications and data sheets used to regulate the quality of ingredients can help consumers make better choices. These certifications and data sheets can help consumers identify quality components and trusted brands.

And when it comes to capsules, certifications of analysis, religious certifications, and data sheets can help consumers avoid low-quality capsules (some of which can contain dangerous ingredients). Continue reading “The Capsule Quality Question: Understanding Certificates of Analysis, Data Sheets, and Religious Certifications”

Choosing the Right Vegetarian Capsule

For many consumer’s diet, culture, and personal preference make vegetarian capsules their only encapsulating solution. It is essential that any capsule options they consider take their particular requirements into consideration.

Vegetarian Capsules

Vegetarian capsules should, at a minimum, contain no animal by-products. This allows consumers to be confident that their capsules will not violate any restriction on animal products. However, there are other common dietary and cultural restrictions that often go hand in hand with restrictions on animal product consumption. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Vegetarian Capsule”

Capsule Sizes: Understanding the Capsule Numbering Nomenclature

If you are unfamiliar with the pharmaceutical industry, the capsule sizing system that you see on our website might seem counter intuitive. After all, most consumers are used to thinking of things numerically increasing as they get larger. Size 8 loafers are larger than size 6, which are larger than a size 4. A size 10 pant is bigger than a size 9.

With this is mind, it is understandable that you’d use the same logic to conclude that a size 5 capsule is larger than a size 1 when placing an order for capsules. However, this is incorrect. Continue reading “Capsule Sizes: Understanding the Capsule Numbering Nomenclature”

Choosing the Right Gelatin Capsule

Gelatin capsules are a trusted medical delivery system that most people are familiar with. They can be used to encapsulate liquids, powders, granules, oils, extracts, and herbs in precise dosages. The versatility and familiarity of gelatin capsules make them a popular option for individuals who are interested in encapsulating their own supplements and medications.

When looking for the right gelatin capsules for your needs, however, there are a lot of options to consider. Should you go for colored capsules or clear? Flavored? What size?

So, how do you choose the right gelatin capsules? One place to begin your decision-making process is to consider who will be taking the capsules. Sometimes the recipient will help you narrow down your gelatin capsule decision. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Gelatin Capsule”

Choosing the Right Enteric Capsule

What are Enteric Capsules?

Enteric capsules are designed to withstand the acidic environment of the human stomach during the digestive process until they reach the next step of digestion.

Enteric formulas were originally developed to administer medicines that tasted badly or caused gastric discomfort. If patients could not consume a medicine without vomiting due to its horrible taste, the patient could not be treated. The first attempts to remedy this situation used substances that were not affected by stomach acid such as fats, waxes, and paraffin. This was only partially effective as part of the pills still dissolved. Little progress was made until the late 1800s when Keratin was introduced as a pill coating, although it was later determined that they weren’t able to fully withstand gastric digestion. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Enteric Capsule”

Which Capsule is Right For You: A Guide to Choosing the Right Capsule Size for Your Needs

Understanding The Capsule Sizing System

One of the most common questions our customers ask is about capsule sizing. The capsule sizing system is a little complicated, and confusing at times, so we’ve written this guide to help you understand the ins-and-outs of capsule sizing.

See our chart below, we’ll refer back to it throughout this piece.

Capsule Numeric Sizing System


Capsules are categorized by sizes ranging from 5 (smallest) to 000 (largest.)  The numeric designation used for capsule sizes is inversely correlated to the size of the capsule. These sizes are standardized regardless of the capsule material (gelatin or vegetable derived).

The larger the number, the smaller the capsule. Using this standard sizing system allows us to ensure that both encapsulators and consumers receive the proper capsule for their needs.  Continue reading “Which Capsule is Right For You: A Guide to Choosing the Right Capsule Size for Your Needs”

Summer Travel Tips from the Capsule Experts at Capsuline!

Oh sweet summertime…


…a chance to relax and enjoy your favorite activities.  Time to get outside, hit the beach, take up a sport, or travel.  Many of our customers use our capsules for daily vitamins, supplements, or medications for themselves or their loved ones and pets.  If you’re doing any traveling this summer, you may have questions about how to safely transport your products to ensure that they accompany you to your destination fully intact. Continue reading “Summer Travel Tips from the Capsule Experts at Capsuline!”