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Toxic Capsules Found On Sale in China – 11 Arrested

Toxic Capsule Factory Found in China, 11 ArrestedImage Credit - Daily Post

“Not Again”… that’s what we here at Capsuline said upon seeing this Reuters post entitled “China arrests 11 over toxic capsule factory”. Seems they were manufacturing gelatin capsules that contained a high level of chromium which is very toxic to humans and pets alike. This is usually the result of the use of “industrial grade” gelatin which, while less expensive to acquire, is not fit for human consumption.

At Capsuline, every capsule we manufacture is made with BSE-free100% bovine pharmaceutical gelatin to give you an extra measure of safety that not all manufacturers provide. Our gel caps are both Kosher Pareve and Halal certified and made in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility here in North America.

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Capsuline Featured in Cannabis Now

Once Brave Mykayla tried our flavored capsules while taking her cannabis oil to treat her leukemia, she was instantly happier and had a much easier time taking her medication. We are very lucky to help such an amazing girl and she her story was recently featured in Cannabis Now Magazine where she talked about her experience with our capsules and how it has helped her treatment process.

Check out the entire article here and learn more about this amazing story and make sure to LIKE Brave Mykayla on Facebook.

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Gelatin in the News

Earlier this week, reports of a bad batch of gelatin capsules surfaced in Asia claiming the German company Gelita sold over 30 tons of gelatin made from “discarded leather scraps” to various Chinese Gel Capsulescompanies. Companies that use this gelatin to make products like gummy candies and medicine have
distanced themselves from Gelita, which has people taking more of an interest in knowing where their food comes from.

 In response, Capsuline would like to assure all of our gelatin is 100% bovine from approved gelatin suppliers, and Capsuline does not use the gelatin mentioned in this article in its products.

To learn more about the story, you can read it here.



Brave Mykayla takes cannacaps internationally!

A cancer diagnosis is painful for any family, when it affects a child it is that much more debilitating. Mykayla Comstock aka Brave Mykayla was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2012. She undertook typical cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and when that did not put her in remission radiation was the next suggested step.

Mykayla’s parents, Erin Purchase and Brandon Kenzler, chose to take a different option. They decided to use cannabis oil to fight her cancer. Erin and Brandon felt it was the best way to treat their daughter.

“If we didn’t use cannabis oil for our daughter she’d have to use opiate medications such as Oxycodone or Percocets” said Erin.

Our very own flavored capsules were chosen to treat Mykayla in which she fills her cannabis oil in her favorite bubblegum flavor, that helps with the taste in her mouth. We couldn’t be happier with Mykayla’s progress; within a week of treatment her cancer had went into remission!

Australian 7News recently did a story covering Mykayla and you can check out the video clip here and see why this brave little girl’s story should be receiving international attention.

For more information on Mykayla’s story or all of our different flavored capsules that she uses, please visit our website or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and we will gladly answer any questions you may have!


Capsuline is now on Pinterest!

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our fight against cancer!

You can now follow your favorite source for empty capsules on!  Follow CapsulineInc’s boards and learn invaluable tips on how to improve your overall health and wellness.  Brave Mykala’s heroic story contributes to our boards on strong cancer survivors.  We will also be featuring boards that give you information on the benefits of our many herbal products, different health recipe’s, nutrition, inspirational stories and other fun boards. We will be updating our boards daily, so if you know anyone that may be on Pinterest and interested in learning more about our products or our #CapsuleCares campaign, feel free to reach out and re-pin away!

Support our fight against cancer with the hashtag: #CapsuleCares!

Happy pinning to all our fans; we look forward to sharing with you!

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Olivia enjoys her strawberry capsules from #CapsuleCares

Meet Olivia, a young girl that has been using our flavored capsules which help break up her medicine and also allow her to take her pills all at once rather than multiple times a day. She has learned new ways of taking the pills after talking with her friend Brave Mykayla, who has been using our flavored capsules to fill her cannabis oil, to treat her cancer. These capsules help Oliva take her daily dose of medicine and also allow her to do so pain free and with a better taste in her mouth.

We are very excited to help Oliva and can’t wait to hear about her progress moving forward. We continue to seek new individuals who may benefit from our #CapsuleCares campaign and will continue to donate 1,000 flavored capsules to the Phoenix Tears Foundation for every 5,000 flavored capsules we sell.

If you know of anyone that may benefit from our flavored capsules or want to learn more about our campaign, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter or stop by our website for more details!

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Black Friday Extends Through Cyber Monday

Don’t feel like going out this Black Friday or getting hurt at Wal-Mart or your local Target? Don’t worry, our Black Friday special will continue through this Monday!

For a limited time only, you can take 20% off all items on our website and get FREE SHIPPING to make your holiday shopping a little bit more enjoyable. You can purchase flavored capsules, Gelatin Capsules or you can also get capsules for your pets and take off 20% your entire order.

Don’t forget that when you buy 5,000 of our flavored capsules, we will donate 1,000 to the Phoenix Tears Foundation which will go to help those fighting cancer.

We hope everyone has a fabulous hand safe holiday!

Capsuline Cyber Monday Post

#CapsuleCares Strikes Again

We recently received another amazing story from a young boy who has been sent our flavored capsules to use while treating an inoperable brain tumour.

He is having fun tasting our flavored capsules while using cannabis to treat his brain tumour and although they are uncertain about his future, he is staying strong and beating all odds. More importantly he is happy, healthy and his whole family is very hopeful! The family is very excited to try something that they didn’t have before cannabis and we are honored to help give support and hopefully take away some of the stress that comes with treatment.

It’s stories like these that make our #CapsuleCares campaign enjoyable and we will continue to help those who can benefit from our capsules as much as possible. We are very excited to meet new faces and help new patients and we also have a very exciting surprise coming soon from our friend Brave Mykayla.

Don’t forget that along with our #CapsuleCares campaign, we will be donating 1,000 flavored capsules to the Phoenix Tears Foundation for every 5,000 capsules we sell! To learn more or if you have photos to share, friends that could benefit from our capsules or you’d just like to drop us a line, make sure to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news and updates.

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We Want to Hear Your #CapsuleCares Story

As we continue to help the fight against cancer with our #CapsuleCares campaign, we want to share with the world the amazing stories of those benefiting from our capsules. We have had the privilege to help numerous individuals thus far and we are very excited meet and share the stories of many more to come.

Along with keeping count of how many flavored capsules we have donated on our website, we love seeing the faces of those benefiting from our campaign and learning more about their stories. Our goal is to help as many people as possible by donating capsules to patients and Phoenix Tears Foundation along with sharing their stories to the world. A photo or video can go a long way with making someones day and our goal is to spread positive vibes through our #CapsuleCares campaign on all of our social media platforms and throughout our website.

If you know someone that could benefit from our capsules, we would love to hear from them! The more faces we can help, the more successful this campaign will turn out for all parties. Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for updates and news regarding our #CapsuleCares campaign.